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December Event Teaser 2023

As the winds of winter howl and bellow, ice and snow set in and the land grows quiet. The Town of Rybalkin invites you to a realm where shadows dance with dread and hope. A curse grips the town, and salvation rests on the upcoming Ritual of Light. Hopefully, for a final time, the Heroes of Vypool provided the town an orb of power which may absolve them of their curse.

As the townsfolk prepare, a looming evil seeks to thwart their quest for redemption. Whispers of malevolence echo through Rybalkin as a sinister force, hungry for chaos, aims to ensure the ritual's failure. In the depths of the Underdark the City of Glass teeters on destruction, crippled by attacks and weakened defenses after the demise of an Illythid agent and decimation of their Derro guardians. Chaos reigns in the slave pens, with desperate slavers scrambling to salvage their operations as many of the worker slaves have fled into the depths of the Underdark. However the leadership remains intact and slowly the City has begun to recover.

Meanwhile, the town of Vypool possesses the first piece of information, holding the key to the Seven Kings. To claim the first of seven crowns, adventurers must use their wits and strength. The pillars still await their kings, and a boon that might help turn the tide against the Empire possibly lays hidden behind the mystery of the towers.

The Baron of despair remains at large, combing the Frontier in search of something, or somewhere, after destroying part of the town of Potatis his next destination remains unknown but certainly destruction will reign down upon where ever he ends up next. Prepare your armor, hone your skills, sharpen your blades and study your spell books, for you will need all of them to survive the oncoming storm...


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