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Town Blog - October

As the night settled in on the evening of the Veil the portals began to open around the small little town nestled away in the badlands. The hero's of Vypool had a choice, which one to find first. Within the portals contained the keys to unlocking a realm not of the material and thus they need be searched! The portals all led to the same realm or perhaps were just an overflow of spirits that burst forth to inhabit the bodies or those who perished to their wailing demands. One by one the portals were dealt with, within the realm 8 towers of significance were found. All of these towers had their own theme of magical enlightenment and all met the same fate at the hands of a creature akin to an apocalypse.

Once the final portals were dealt with and the town had all the pieces to the key, they read the scroll produced allowed. Many of the towns people conjectured about the meaning of the scroll but the Mayor decided to take it upon himself to perform it. Once the dangerous ritual was completed a portal opened and all the towns people rushed in to save one only known to them as "Fin".

Within this prison realm they found Fin, a dragon of the wind and air, trapped with three guardians that all must be defeated within a certain amount of time of one another. Physical, Magical, and Emotion. The blows were hard, the magic seared through the night sky, and mocking words about ones ears rang against ego. After two attempts and switching areas the hero's of Vypool successfully freed the Air dragon from the prison, but now was a point where he'd have to come back to life.

The now spirit shaman of the town performed his duties to be the vessel in which the towns people could invest their own spirit strength to bring back this creature. A long forgotten and powerful ally to be. After much patience and a few sinking hearts the transfer was completed and Fin was saved and back on the material realm once more, not after the newcomer gave his entire spirit strength to assist in the efforts. Once the dust had all but settled so did the town for the evening before parting ways until next gathering.


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