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Town Blog - May

Updated: Jun 1, 2022

Hello Townsfolk of Vypool. Mays gathering started innocuously enough with a visit from a good friend from the north. We have been gifted ways to assist the lost scaled ones should we come across any more. Merchants also came with training and sundries. Later into the evening we were visited by another spirit of the Artificers guild and so began the second trials. Puzzles and riddles abound the minds of Vypool were able to conquer all, at least at the cost of one of the local alchemists patience and the poor Azure's will to fight.

Creeping sickness was reported to the north and slowly making its way towards the town proper. It left disease and death in its wake, only certain plants thriving while it devoured forests as it seeped into the woods and over the ferns leaving nothing but corruption in its wake. Six of the towns adventurers set off to investigate and returned heralding a creature of light, a lizard king it was called. The lizard has been tucked away by the Farmer for safety.

Following on Saturday the town ventured into the Goblin infest mines to the west at the behest of the Dwarves in order to tidy up relations, needless to say the addition of some much needed brawn to the town allowed for a successful requisition of the mines with now a garrison of Dwarven miners and something fiery far deeper into the caves.

With the dwarves sated and an agreement made by the Mayor for payment in ore instead of coin, the town is looking forward to receiving much needed materials to begin fortifying the town itself from the constant intrusion of wildlife, both natural and magical, alike as they soon found out.

BUGS! Crazy creepy mantis like creatures with a thirst for magic crept into the encampment and scampered away with most of the towns funds but the brave townsfolk heeded not a moments to spare to retrieve their hard earned rewards. Into the den of the bugs they fought tooth and nail, exhausted from the battle before but never giving way to the threat that lay further within the burrows. After a time the queen of the mantis' was laid down by a massive barrage of dark and fire from the Barbarian and the Farmer respectively.

When the night settled into quiet another round of puzzles were laid to those minds still awake. Numbers and dots and lines galore along with riddles to twist and bend the already exhausted towns people. With the Chamile and towns magi digging deep they were able to finally break the last seals on the second layer thus releasing the second artificers spirit and earning the town another round of boons. Many more trials and tribulations lay ahead of the budding town, it is said a troll senator is on their way! The town may have force of arms and magic but how is their wit? We'll find out next gathering....


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