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As the Dark Settles In - Oct. Event Teaser

The wind blows and the chill in the air bites at your very bones. The season is changing but even more than that this time of year brings the worlds of the astral and physical into closer and closer contact. As the days shorten the shadows of the night spread across the world you feel little pieces of…. something caressing your mind. Each night as you travel more sounds, smells, even just feelings make your hair stand on end. This is clearly beyond the normal terror of night most people have, this is something… otherworldly.

Until one night the paper thin veil between the worlds rips. Shadowy portals open all across the land, creatures, not quite physical manifestations, yet, storm forth into your world, something must be drawing them here… or someone. The creatures of the forest are the first to be taken, seemingly gone mad, they now rampage killing, feeding, destroying. During the day the brave come forth to do their work, live their lives, but at night all who cherish their life barricade themselves away. Recently a hushed word spoken behind a stout mug of ale speaks of things now happening during the day, and a whisper of a rumor has begun circling that people are being kept in the cellars of the Wall of Light that have been "infested" with something.

Around the town of Vypool 12 portals have opened, each hiding a different mystery, and maybe a clue to who or what is behind the madness that now terrorizes the whole of the southwest of Tyr Prime. Will you find the courage, the wisdom and most importantly the ability to resist the darkness to stop whatever is causing this before it corrupts the minds of everyone and everything surrounding the town?



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