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Additional Info

Game and Location

Archon is a dark fantasy LARP based in the world of Tyr. The players must survive in these harsh and unforgiving lands in order to rebuild a great bastion of resistance against the tyrant lord. Archon is a lightest touch boffer system with heavy emphasis on combat. There are however, many other ways a player may offer aid to the town. If you fancy darker atmospheres and creative and active modules Archon is the perfect game for you.



Archon is held at Camp Teetonkah located in Jackson Michigan. This beautiful sprawling campground features bunk-laden cabins, heat, air conditioning, running water (potable) and bathroom/showers available to all players. During our events we have the entire campground to ourselves so tent camping is also available. We are also provided a main tavern area with bathrooms, showers, full kitchen, and a covered outdoor seating area.

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